David Bowie, infinitely inspiring, was the honoree and the theme-sake of DINOSAUR’s The Issue That Fell To Earth and the “50 Over 50 List,” published in September of 2015, months before the release of Blackstar and his untimely death in January of 2016. The passages that follow introduced the feature and accompanied Bowie’s top spot on our list. 

Golden Years. That term used to conjure up images of persons of a certain age, their salad days behind them, years of passive relaxation and retirement ahead. Then fifty became the new forty, forty became the new thirty, and on the morning of January 8, 2013, sixty-six became the new Age of Wonder: After ten years of silence, David Bowie released the stunning video for “Where Are We Now?” for his then-soon-to-be-released album, The Next Day.

Inspired, once again, by Bowie’s reinvention, DINOSAUR gives you our first annual 50 Over 50 list! No disrespect to the accomplishments of others who haven’t entered their sixth decade yet, but it takes something truly special to remain relevant and vital, not to mention vibrant, as you reach (or pass) the mid-century mark.

In considering the achievements of the people on the pages that follow, a lyric from “Changes” comes to mind: “Time may change me.” Yes. It can. It does. It will. But, as all of this year’s honorees prove, you can get better with age.

j-winters-dino-david-bowieOf course the Chameleon King would reemerge in 2013 after a ten-year absence with not only a great new album but also an unflinching yet empowering stance on where he found himself in the second half of his sixties. The man who once warned, “Pretty soon now, you’re gonna get older,” has turned that admonition into a challenge to us all, through the release of The Next Day, to reevaluate our relevance. You may not be a fan but, like it or not, if you were born after 1950, he’s had a major influence on the world you call home. – Steven Gdula 

From “50 Over 50,” DINOSAUR, Volume 2, Issue 1, The Issue That Fell To Earth: The David Bowie Tribute.

Words by Steven Gdula. Illustrations by Jim Winters. www.jimwinters.com 

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