George Takei – actor, author, activist, and social-media king – integrates all of his roles seamlessly, says Natalie Nichols, on DINOSAUR’s “50 Over 50” List from Volume 2, Issue. 

j-winters-dino-george-takeiHe has had many roles, onscreen and off, since he began playing USS Enterprise helmsman Hikaru Sulu on the original Star Trek: author, voiceover artist, civic planner, politician, activist, LGBTQ spokesperson, and of course, social-media king. (His name is even on an asteroid 7307 Takei.) This past November, George Takei starred on Broadway in the musical Allegiance, based on his childhood experiences in a Japanese American internment camp. The Twitter empire he and husband Brad built is impressive enough for a seventy-eight-year-old, but what really astound is that Takei – like his feed’s swirl of kitten pix, socially conscious memes, offbeat commentary, and on-point retweets – has evolved so much that he can seamlessly integrate all aspects of himself… and make us love him even more. OhMyy! – Natalie Nichols 

From “50 Over 50,” DINOSAUR, Volume 2, Issue 1, The Issue That Fell To Earth: The David Bowie Tribute.

Illustrations by Jim Winters. 

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