Michael Des Barres is a “spectacularly cinematic rocker, activist.. and bon vivant” who keeps kicking ass, Ann Magnuson says, in DINOSAUR’s “50 Over 50 List” from DINOSAUR Volume 2, Issue 1. 

j-winters-dino-michael-des-barresThank goodness there is a new documentary about the extraordinary life of Lord Marquis Michael Philip Des Barres, because otherwise no one would believe it. Who Do You Want Me to Be? chronicles the spectacularly cinematic multiple personalities of this rocker/ actor/ activist/ bon vivant, who has come out from the other side of a life of deadly divine decadence with stunning grace and his invincible charm intact. Perennially elegant, wickedly intelligent, hysterically funny, and still sexy as hell, MDB is a poster child for not only sobriety but also how to keep kicking ass creatively and have a shitload of fun well into your sixties. – Ann Magnuson

From “50 Over 50,” DINOSAUR, Volume 2, Issue 1, The Issue That Fell To Earth: The David Bowie Tribute.

Words by Ann Magnuson. www.annmagnuson.com Illustrations by Jim Winters. www.jimwinters.com 

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