Prince is still the coolest musical alive, writes Lee Gardner, in DINOSAUR’s “50 Over 50” List from DINOSAUR Volume 2, Issue 1. 

j-winters-dino-princeFifty-seven-year-old Prince Rogers Nelson dresses sort of like an aging housewife on a cruise and hasn’t had a Top 10 hit in more than thirty years, but he’s still the coolest musician alive. Seriously, who is cooler than Prince While you’re struggling to answer that rhetorical question, it’s worth noting that he still regularly puts on epic shows that send both fans and n00bs into eye-rolling ecstasy. And, despite his spotty recording activity and haphazard concert bookings, he clearly isn’t just sitting in his purple bedroom diligently 86-ing every scrap of his music from YouTube. After the Baltimore uprising last year, he swooped in to deliver a jaw-dropping show and new single addressed to the battery city. Prince is for the people. – Lee Gardner 

From “50 Over 50,” DINOSAUR, Volume 2, Issue 1, The Issue That Fell To Earth: The David Bowie Tribute.

Words by Lee Gardner. Illustrations by Jim Winters. 

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