PerfumeGeniusCover600Part Four of Kurt B. Reighley’s interview with Perfume Genius from DINOSAUR Vol 2, Issue 1. 

“I don’t process anything while it’s happening. I’m not really the most present person. So when I come home from a tour, I need to think about what just happened to me.

“I always thought that my music and show required a lot of context. And it needed to be dark and inside. But we’ve played some successful shows outdoors at noon… rarely, to be honest. It feels like nighttime music. Sometimes I feel like I’m going to catch on fire when I’m outside in the daytime. And I don’t change my outfit. I’m still going out there in all black and fishnets.

“It’s scary to take performing really seriously and to go for it; if people don’t like that, that’s even more terrifying than not trying.”

Perfume Genius photographed by Steven Miller. Interview by Kurt B. Reighley. Costume/ Styling by Erik Andor. Hair/ Makeup by Rick Toth. 


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