PGhands_Black-and-White-127_600Part Three of Kurt B. Reighley’s interview with Perfume Genius for DINOSAUR Vol 2, Issue #1.

“I watch Nina Simone and Karen O videos before I go on tour. That’s more for the energy as opposed to movement inspiration. I do like Karen O. She can be relatively still but commanding. She’ll move one finger… especially lately. When she’s not running and jumping around, she does these one-finger moves…

“I really only have one move: I move my hips. It’s like a snaky hip move. And I’ve been doing a lot of dips and sudden squatting. None of it’s planned. I don’t know what any of it looks like. It’s all kind of spasm-y. Maybe I should be practicing in front of a mirror.

“It’s all very dramatic. But that’s the goal: I want to kind of lose it. And I have been. It’s kind of embarrassing and terrifying, but in a way that’s exciting.”

Perfume Genius photographed by Steven Miller. Interview by Kurt B. Reighley. Costume/ Styling by Erik Andor. Hair/ Makeup by Rick Toth. 

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