Rob Zabrecky tells DINOSAUR about the magic, and hope, he still finds in Los Angeles. 

“Los Angeles wasn’t a destination for me. I’m among the few born and raised here, and among the fewer who didn’t come from a showbiz pedigree. After discovering a burning desire to communicate to the world through self-expression, I’ve considered myself fortunate to call L.A. home. Teenage explorations revealed a sprawling city of mass diversity, unique arts and culture, a constant state of evolution – and devolution. In the late 1980s, the city welcomed musical ideas through the DIY community that flourished on the outskirts of Hollywood. A decade later, when I felt like trading in a music career for one in magic, it’s been patient and hasn’t asked too many questions.

My lifelong relationship is with a city that welcomes change, because it’s always changing too. And I’ve never once minded the near winterless winters, the slight resemblances of what feels like fall, drought-ridden springs, and scorching summers. To date, I’ve performed in lots of countries and always look forward to returning to L.A. Somehow I haven’t tired from things that should, by this point, be driving me crazy. There’s still something comforting about sitting on the Cahuenga Pass in Hollywood Bowl traffic, knowing some teenager is just a few cars away, arriving from the Midwest in a car packed with their worldly possessions in hopes of exchanging their dreams for cash. Sometimes it’s the mere awareness of that kind of hope that inspires the next dream.”

– Rob Zabrecky – Magician, Musician, Actor 

Los Angeles was our destination city of choice for our Bowie-Tribute issue for a number of reasons. As much as we love them both, Berlin seemed too obvious, and London too costly to shoot. We chose LA because, in our humble opinion, Bowie’s masterwork, Station To Station, was created here. 

For this issue, we asked several Angelenos to tell us what brought them here, and to share why they stayed. 

All photos by Jamie Betts / Jamie Betts Photography

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