p1371697691-3-2Hudson Marquez tells DINOSAUR about his love of L.A. in Volume 2, Issue 1. 

“I fall in and out of love with L.A. on a regular basis. Right now I’m in love with it. It’s a thrill to realize that you could drive down a street that visually resembles Pico Boulevard all the way into Mexico, and the images would be identical. This place can go from Oasis to Shithole in a blink if I venture outside too often. Traffic, religious nuts, loss of the authentic… a million things.

Making art in L.A. is a lonely bitch. No connections to any “arts community.” I’ve never found one. But I’ve got artist friends – painters, musicians, collagists, sculptors, pornographers, and photographers. We talk about what I call “Wrasslin’ With Art.” Some days the goddamn painting kicks my ass. Pins me. Others? I kick it in the nuts.

Punk-rock germs infected me long ago, and it’s still inspiring me. L.A. had a very tight-knit punker scene. It was all about attitude, and I shared that attitude in life and in my art.

Prior to that disease, I had the Boogie Woogie Flu that led to doing the Cadillac Ranch. A tortuous crippling ailment second only to the Rocking Pneumonia. The Blues and R’n’B shared that same attitude. The love of cars was imprinted on me by L.A. And I still take time to car watch. Just this morning I heard the unmistakable sound of a blown small-block Chevy hurtling down Sycamore Avenue. I’m going to use that to Wrasse Art Today.”

– Hudson Marquez – Artist

Los Angeles was our destination city of choice for our Bowie-Tribute issue for a number of reasons. As much as we love them both, Berlin seemed too obvious, and London too costly to shoot. We chose LA because, in our humble opinion, Bowie’s masterwork, Station To Station, was created here. 

For this issue, we asked several Angelenos to tell us what brought them here, and to share why they stayed. 

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